Fiber optic components

The fibre optic components completes our product portfolio. On the one hand this segment encompasses the production of confectioned fibre optic cable (cable pigtails, patch cable and breakout cable) with all possible types of connectors and adapters (FC/PC, FC/APC, SC/PC, SC/APC, ST, E2000/PC, E2000/APC, FDDI, the FSMA, LC, MTRJ, LX5, MU, MPO).

In this area we are also a certified partner of Huber+Suhner:

Furthermore, we also produce fully finished 19" patch panels, which are used for fibre optic distribution or for fibre optic termination and the depositing of fibre optic cable and splice cassettes in 19" rack systems, through termination boxes, wall outlets, interconnect cases, distribution cabinets, fiber optic enclosures to complete FTTH - overall solutions. In the area of railway infrastructure, we also offer solutions for cable laying near rails.


Our OPDISYS® System

OPDISYS® is an optical distribution system specially designed for Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) applications.

It is a modular system consisting of a basic rack, cable management, Mandrel Extension Racks and Gasblocker Extension Racks and Fiber Modules. Thanks to its design this system is very flexible. The extension racks can be ordered and combined individually according to the customer´s needs.




OPDISYS® Intelligent is our intelligent system solution. It is capable to detect plugged connections inside cable distributors such as patch panels, distribution cabinets for fiber-to-the-home applications or street-side distributors and to transmit this information to a network management software.

In other words, the system is capable to identify connecting paths, connector and coupling types and to store this information in a documentation data base. This makes sure that faulty patchings are automatically detected and that an alarm is triggered in case of unauthorized changes to your connections.

This video shows you our OPDISYS® Intelligent system, using the OPDISYS® distribution cabinet for FTTH-networks as an example. Thanks to its flexible construction scheme, our PatchAssist system can also be used in any other cable distribution system such as patch panels or street-side distributors.



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