General drum conditions

1. The customer is responsible for the correct use of the drums supplied from the point of risk transfer and is liable for damages in the event of damage or loss - irrespective of fault.

2. Empty drums are to be returned ex works to our factory in Wartberg, Breitenfeldgasse 5, 8661 Wartberg.

3. If drums are sent back during the rent-free period, the customer shall not be billed for costs.

4. In the case of drums that have not been released or returned once the rent-free period has expired, the customer shall be billed for the drum rental and the drum shall then pass into the ownership of the customer.

5. However, we are willing to accept empty rental drums that are returned within a period of 3 years of the initial goods delivery. In the case of drums that are in good condition, part of the drum rental will be refunded. This amount will be reduced in the case of damaged drums, to cover the costs of reconditioning work.

6. Costs of additionally required cladding shall be billed for together with the cable delivery. Likewise, drums that are not intended for return (disposable drums).

7. The costs of drum rental or purchase fall payable 30 days after the invoice date, without deductions.

8. Insofar as reusable drums from Kabeltrommel GmbH & Co KG ( are used, these drums will be supplied on a lease basis subject to their conditions. Any lease fees shall be borne by the customer.

9. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in direct or indirect conjunction with the rental arrangement shall be Leoben.